Your Logo is one of the most important assets your company has, it will define the persona of your company. A  logo should have the ability to carry over all mediums and devices available today. SYNERGYPRO 2.0 logo design and branding services will design a logo that will add trust appeal with your target audience. Every logo is design by experienced graphic artists with experience in branding , marketing and specially online digital marketing.

The following video was produced by MSc Brand Leadership team at Norwich Business School and is great representation of what branding is today.

A professional logo design is one that is…

  1. Unique – Your logo should stand out of the crowd and your customers should immediately recognize it.
  2. Memorable – Your logo needs to resonate with users on first glance for it to truly be memorable.
  3. Flexible – Translate well across all devices in all sizes.
  4. Illustrative – It should reflect something about your company’s values or culture.
  5. Simple – Effective logo design relies on simplicity.
  6. Informative – Looking at your logo should tell what is about.
  7. Works in Color or Black & White – Must look good in color or in black and white.
  8. Lasting – It must last the test of time without having to be modernized.

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